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1. Statement of problem (framing our research topic):

Our chosen area of focus is “ If Singapore continues to increase the population, where will we get the resources needed for so many people?”.
We have chosen this topic as most of the country in the world are facing the problem of not enough resources such as, Saharan Africa, Libya and Yemen, just to name a few. The news sometimes says that they have difficulties in managing the ratio of the resources to the population and we can’t help but agree, sometimes as we all know that resources can be limited and our country, Singapore’s population are increasing rapidly. It has been found by a survey conducted for the U.N. Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate initiative to develop a more sustainable global economy. The survey of more than 1000 CEOs across the world-largest of its kind ever conducted- found that two- thirds believe the global economy is not on track to meet the demands of a growing population. This topic can help to analyze the resources we have at the moment and estimate how long or how many resources we have for other future purposes.  This can help us see how much resources we are currently using and thus allowing us to know if there will be enough. Therefore, we think that this chosen area of focus is the most appropriate as it is both beneficial to our knowledge and life. This can both show the chain effect on population and their resources from the current time till the further future.

2. Research Objectives

Our objective of this topic is to find out what can be done to ensure that the population is balanced with the resources that we have and what can be done if the population in country is more than the amount of resources it has. It is an ongoing topic in every country, including Singapore, and we want to see how it affects a country as a whole.This can also help to estimate the amount of resources needed for the future and how much we have currently to sustain the amount of people we have in our country. This can help us get a foreseeable future so that we will be able to supply people the correct amount of resources.

3.  Proposed Hypothesis

Our Hypothesis is that the resources in Singapore will run out very rapidly as the population is increasing tremendously. Since the population is increasing, resources will be used at a faster and higher rate. However, we assume that solutions are still available as a result in the new modern technology we have now.

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