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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Questions Generated.

Qn 1
~If Singapore continue to increase in population, where will we get the resources needed for so many people?
Qn 2
~Why is there a huge difference between the population in Singapore and other countries? 
Qn 3
~Will there be enough space in Singapore to sustain the population of the people in the future?
Qn 4
~Does population in our country affect the world’s natural destruction?
Qn 5
~What happens if theres overpopulation in  one particular country? 
Qn 6
~What will we do if one day we need to reduce the human species as they take too much space?
Qn 7
~What if Singapore’s population increase until there is not enough space for people to stay?
Qn 8
~Will we have to use other universe and build countries there if there isn’t enough space?
Qn 9
~How do we prevent overpopulation without getting rid of humans
Qn 10
~Will overpopulation affect the way we live?
Qn 11
~Is it possible to have a balance between population and resources?
Qn 12
~Is it possible to have higher resources than population of people in a particular region?
Qn 13
~What can we do to ensure that there is enough resources all over the world?
Qn 14
~Is it possible for the number of resources to increase together with the population?
Qn 15
~What is the sustainability of Singapore’s population?
Qn 16
~What is the sustainability of Singapore’s resources?
Qn 17
~Is the world population increasing faster than the rate of the resources?
Qn 18
~What can be done to ensure that the resources do not run out?
Qn 19
~Will there be a day where everybody in the world will have to go to bed hungry every day?
Qn 20
~Does the population of the world affects disaster? e.g. Global warming

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